Enhle Mbali has been hogging headlines lately when she was rumored to be in a relationship with billionaire Peter Sebiloane. Mzansi was questioning Mbali’s love for Peter as they were assuming she was in it to maintain a celebrity lifestyle. Tweeps accused Enhle of targeting wealthy men since she recently divorced millionaire Black Coffee. However, that’s not the case with Enhle, as she is a beauty with brains and is running a successful business empire.


Enhle ventured into the entertainment world at the age of 17 when she was featured in the murder series Mtunzini. She nailed her as Tshisa role to perfection, evidenced by her winning more acting gigs. Standing out as an excellent actress Enhle tried her luck in presenting in 2009. It looks like everything Enhle touches turns into gold as she is one of the best tv presenters in the country.

Enhle Mbali

Enhle’s stock rose as she married the richest African DJ, Black Coffee. Her marriage to Black Coffee made her household name, and she became famous as never but their marriage lasted for a few years.

Mzansi has been curious to know if Enhle pays her bills from the maintenance money she gets from Coffee or there is more to it. Enhle is jake of trades; she has done everything from acting, tv presenting, modeling, and entrepreneurship. She is the CEO of three companies, and she is doing well in her business. The actress may not need a wealthy man for her to cap her celebrity lifestyle. Here is a look at Enhle’s business empire.

Essie Apparel


Enhle is a professional designer, and she holds a degree in design. Besides acting, the actress has a passion for designing, and one can tell from how she dresses that she is a designer expect. She is the CEO of Essie Apparel which manufactures ladies’ and kids’ fancy clothes. However, her company is fast-growing and has spread worldwide, evidenced by Enhle launching it in America in 2020.

Mbali Enhle: Image source @Instagram

La Bello Beauty

For Enhle, the sky is only the limit; She is also the owner of La Bello, a beauty bar with branches in the country. The beauty bar focus on ready-to-wear wigs for women and girls. It has all types of wigs in different shapes and styles. Enhle Mbali’s beauty bar also operates online.

She also runs an Enhle Cares Foundation, which caters to less privileged women and girls. In 2020 the government recognized her generous heart, and she supported her financially in funding her foundation.

Net Worth

Enhle is a self-made millionaire. As of 2022, the actress has a net worth of R6 million. Enhle has worked hard to be living the expensive lifestyle she is living today.


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