Kudzai Mushonga, a businessman from Zimbabwe who rose to prominence for his love connection with the Young Famous and African star Khanyi Mbau, has revealed his personal battles with depression and suicidal ideation while in the relationship.

Kudzai Mushonga, a 30-year-old Zimbabwean billionaire, recently posted a comprehensive letter on the Maphephandaba Instagram account, a famous gossip site.

In the letter, he alluded to being in a relationship with a domineering spouse. While he did not specifically reveal his partner’s name, readers may assume that he was talking to actress Khanyi Mbau from the context.

Khanyi made her connection with Kudzai public in February 2021 when she shared a selfie of herself in Kudzai’s automobile on social media.

Despite the fact that their relationship was marked by grandeur and luxury, it was not without turbulence. Khanyi made news when he left Kudzai in Dubai and went to South Africa after dropping her off at a salon, expecting to see her quickly after her appointment.


Kudzai Mushonga mentioned in his letter that the connection had a significant influence on his mental health. He added that it caused him to become depressed and that he considered suicide at one point. He stated that he want to leave his fortune to his family and fiancée.

“Each time I tried to step out, it disrupted peace In my relationship, so I chose to stay home, only went out when she was home with me and that was maybe after 4 months for a few weeks. I started loosing my ability to communicate well with others socially.

“I started dying a slow painful death inside me and each time I shared how I felt, the response was always ‘your feelings are valid’ and dismissed.


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