Andrea Emilova Ivanova, who was born in Bulgaria, has undergone 43 cosmetic surgeries and acknowledges that she is still no closer to finding love.

Ivanova is reported to have the world’s largest lips. She has spent over £20,000 (R450,000) on cosmetic surgery and is just 25 years old.

“In addition to her monthly hyaluronic acid injections, she just received additional hyaluronic acid injections in her cheekbones to maintain her “lady with the largest lips” title.”

“She’s always been odd and liked diverse looks.” I dislike dull, average looks and like large proportions and quirky beauty. “Natural beauty bores me, so I chose to drastically alter my look,” Andrea explains.

The woman with the “largest lips” has claimed that despite her several operations, she is still single.


Not that physically improved appearances equal love, but it is something that many people strive to.

“Many men send me private messages on social media offering me dates, money, and trips to their countries, which is wonderful. It makes me pleased to know that there are those who enjoy my company and desire my attention. Nonetheless, meeting the love of my life will make me happier, but I don’t know when that will happen.”

The frightening aspect is that she still plans to do additional work and is unhappy with the size of her lips. She actually wants to get bigger.


By J Times

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