Fans of TikTok have been amused by Amapiano vocalist Nkosazana Daughter’s Ama1940s bum-shaking dancing skills.

Nkosazana was really what TikTok users were looking for. While fans are merely surfing TikTok, she supplies them with amazing music and entertaining videos. She recently created the Bhebha dancing routines, which were well-received by her followers.

The Bhebha dancing movements were impressive, but Nkosazana Daughter took it to the next level with her Ama1940s bum-shaking dance techniques. The Ring Ring Ring hitmaker is undeniably a vibe from her songs. When she’s not working on her music, she may be a wonderful comic.


Nkosazana shakes her buttocks in her latest dance video, but not in the usual modern motions. She transported us to the 1990s with her retro dancing routines.

She danced beautifully to Big Zulu’s popular song Umbayimbayi in the video. She just reminded us of the old music videos we used to see on national television as kids.


By J Times

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