Vutshilo lost trust and respect to Azwindini, because Azwindini came to check Vutshilo but Vutshilo didn’t like the way Azwindini was looking at Zama, and Azwindini was just coming to check on him and ask for forgiveness, so it is hard for Vutshilo to trust his father again.

Remember Azwindini took Vutshilo’s girlfriend Gugu and turn against him and his mother, so now Vutshilo is very afraid that the same problem might repeat, especially now because Azwindini single, it seems like Vutshilo lost his respect and trust to his father, and Zama was happy to see Vutshilo’s father because she does not know nothing.

The problem of Azwindini it that he loves women Very much and he does not care about his children’s reputation, he always does everything he wants and he does not care about what people think.


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