Nadia Nakai shares Lynn Forbes’ grief after the death of her son, Kiernan AKA Forbes. It’s been three months since the rapper’s death, and Nadia Nakai understands what it’s like for a mother to lose her kid.

A Twitter user who is going through difficulties inquired about Bragga’s survival following the loss of her partner.

“How do you get through each day?” My kid has been in intensive care for three months, and I haven’t slept since.


Her medical costs are making matters worse. I’m contemplating suicide. How do you keep going? “I’m going insane,” the tweep tweeted.

The rap star responds by sending the woman love. “I’m also sending you my love!” I’m sorry for the suffering you’re experiencing. My heart aches all the time for Lynn. “I can only comprehend the anguish you’re feeling since it’s your child,” she wrote.


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