Bummer! Cassper Nyovest cancels fight with podcaster Slik Talk

The impending boxing battle, which is expected to be the largest we’ve seen in a long time, has everyone in Mzansi thrilled. And, as Cassper Nyovest prepares to face Slik Talk, the YouTuber has delivered a final warning to Cass.

Slik Talk, a controversial YouTuber, has been starting battles with every single celebrity in South Africa. He called Kamo Mphela a talentless woman and body-shamed her. Even though he later apologized for everything, many fans’ minds are still haunted by the venomous words he uttered. He’s also insulted Minnie Dlamini, Amanda du Pont, and Dj Maphorisa, among many other ZAlebs. There are no documented criteria by which he chooses whom to target; he just insults people without provocation.

When he went after Cassper, though, he may have punched above his weight – no pun intended. He described the artist as insecure, saying he acts like an adolescent girl who is constantly worried that others are conspiring against him. He told him that he needed to mature and quit being paranoid.

These statements, as you can assume, did not sit well with Cass, who challenged Slik Talk to a fight. He must be able to defend himself in a physical battle if he can sit behind a camera and spew garbage.


Cassper sweetened the bargain by offering the YouTuber R100,000 if he lasts three rounds in the ring, and R200,000 if he knocks him out. Slik Talk accepted the challenge and put up his own wager in return. He will take the money if he wins. If he loses, though, he will never speak of Cassper again.

Naturally, supporters on both sides of the divide have been ecstatic as they cheer on their favorite boxer. As the country ticks down the hours to the epic showdown, Slik Talk has given Cassper one final chance to pull out.

Slik may have realized that the battle would be mismatched and that he will cause too much damage to Cass, which is an intriguing possibility. Slik Talk’s admirers, of course, are eager to bet on this being the correct analysis.

In any case, we’re all looking forward to seeing how things turn out. With both sides boasting about their ring skills, it’ll be interesting to see who is all bark and no bite.


By J Times

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