Brighton Ngoma worked his way up the ladder in the acting industry and is reaping the benefits of his work. After his exit, the actor who went from being a stage manager to an actor on Scandal for 12 years has been relatively quiet. Many fans have been wondering what he has been up to since he left the etv show. We have the gist of what Brighton Ngoma has been working on in the past months.

Brighton’s exit was a heartbreak to many who had loved his role as Quinton on Scandal. Ngoma took on the part of a father of one who went through a lot in his last month. He woke up in a hospital believing he was married to Dintle and had forgotten that he had worked his past issues with his mother. After he lost his memory, his mother and his baby mama lied to him a lot for their gain.

Brighton Ngoma

However, she was recovering his memory and getting his life back together; he got hit by a truck. Quinton will be trying to save his daughter from a truck that loses control and drives through a building. The dotting father dies a hero, which is how his character is written off the show. After his exit, many fans who wish to see him on-screen have seen him on uBettina Wethu.


Brighton Ngoma as T-Bang

Brighton Ngoma is active on his Instagram account and shares pictures of his family with his followers. He also uses his platform to share information on the jobs he is currently working on. Besides showing his funny bone through his Instagram posts, he is currently working on his role as T-Bang Moeketsi in uBettina Wethu. On top of that, he has partnership deals that he works on with brands like Ingrams. He also works on raising awareness when it comes to COVID issues.

Like his role in Scandal, he is married with one child. The only difference is he has a son in real life. His wife is an actress named Tshepi, who also was on Scandal some years back. Fans wish to see more of Brighton Ngoma onscreen shortly.


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