Khaby Lame, a former construction worker, now appears on billboards throughout the world as the face of Hugo Boss. Lame said in an interview that he not only profits from the millions of views each of his videos receives, but he also obtains endorsement agreements and sponsorships, making him one of the most profitable TikTok stars to date.

The TikTok sensation recently made news when he was awarded R7 million for walking the runway at Milan Fashion Week (Hugo Boss). Despite earning millions of rands from his tiktoking business, Khaby intends to branch out into filmmaking. He aspires to work with Hollywood actor Will Smith.

In an interview with Fortune, the 22-year-old Khaby said that, in addition to receiving thousands of likes on his videos, he earns up to R13 million every film. According to the story, Khaby was paid R13 million by a major Hollywood company for a single video clip. The content creator is expected to make roughly R186,7 million in 2022.


Khaby Lame revealed his remarkable rags to riches tale last month, encouraging his supporters to never give up on their aspirations. He talked about how his life changed dramatically as he pursued his ambition of becoming a comedian.


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