Sithelo Shozi is a DJ and fashionista from KwaZulu-Natal. She’s known for smash songs like “Hell and Back,” as well as her close connection with Andile Mpisane, which has gotten her interrogated since it ended. Sithelo rose to notoriety after it was revealed that she had given birth to Mpisane in September. However, she has been making headlines in recent days after Andile Mpisane, Mamkhize’s golden boy, put her under the bus and married Tamia Louw, whom he told her not to worry about.

The famous DJ became a laughingstock yesterday as the black Twitter president chose to put salt to her wounds. Sithelo is sad, according to the president, since he was dumped by Andile Mpisane, which is equivalent to getting fired from your job. The president believes that without Andile’s monthly handouts, she will be bankrupt.

Following the president’s tweet, many in the comments section began to mock Sithelo, claiming that Andile understands how to deal with scam artists. Many people were impressed by how quickly Andile moved on after dumping Sithelo, since he married just two months later. Sithelo’s pride was undoubtedly shattered by that tweet, with jokes circulating that she must hope that Andile sends her extra money for baby upkeep or she would starve to death. Take a look at how people reacted to this tweet in the pics below:



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