After learning that his girlfriend, 24, was seeing a teacher at Mogolo Secondary School, a guy in his 30s killed her by stabbing her to death and then committed himself. The incident happened in Limpopo at Ga-Kabu, Ga-Mashamothane. It is reported that the man killed his girlfriend and left her body in the educator’s rented home.

After that, he streamed live on Facebook to describe how he killed his fiancée over the weekend in the middle of the night. He then took his black Audi to a nearby river and left a note that said, “Call Thomas.” “Take Me Home, please include my phone number,” and following his self-hung suicide from a tree. According to reports, the individual worked for a Platinum City local mining company.


Social media reacts to the news

Hhayi this is a pandemic, as adults it must be mandatory to do a full year of therapy at this point. Emotional intelligence and learning to control your ego is a very critical life skill

He could have just found another woman who could have loved him bathong 😔

ALCOHOL ALCOHOL ALCOHOL!!! Even he said he didn’t do it because he was drunk! But most of these happens around alcohol 🤨

Gentlemen, if a woman desires to leave, it is crucial to let her go. Remember, you cannot possess another individual.

He had a chance to get another lady. He knew about the things she did whilst at school, clearly she’s 10 years ahead of him in terms of experience and wanted to fix her,this boy


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