Actress Sharon Seno, a well-known personality in the entertainment business, has expressed her admiration for the natural hair movement. on her private life, Sharon, who plays Marang Motsoaledi on the venerable soap opera Muvhango, has stated that she detests weaves and synthetic hairstyles. The Marang actress continued by saying that she does not particularly enjoy makeup and sometimes tries to wear as little of it as possible. The breathtakingly beautiful actress shared her thoughts on weaves, natural hair, and makeup when talking about how she was cast as Marang. She disclosed in an interview that the programme is producers were looking for a slay queen to play Marang. She refused to admit that she considered herself to be a slay queen. Speaking with Drum, Sharon stated,

“They wanted a young woman who best suits the image of a so-called slay queen – beautiful body, a full face of makeup and someone who wears long weaves.

“I was surprised to find I fit that profile because I’m far from being a slay queen. Like Marang, I’m a very independent woman. But I hate weaves and anything artificial. I have short, natural hair, and I hardly wear any makeup.”


Sharon says she was very shocked upon reading Marang’s biography for the first time. She and the character possess similar traits.

“When I first read Marang’s biography, I was very shocked because I possess some of the traits as her,”.

It is surprising that Sharon dislikes weaves and cosmetics because she is always loved acting and has been modelling since she was 13.The actress is incredibly motivated to become a Hollywood star one day. Additionally, the actress plans to produce “locally housed films” in her home country of Botswana. In addition, she has experience as an actress, pageant finalist, judge, and model. Before leaving for South Africa, she starred in the drama series Colours and Ntwakgolo while she was back in Botswana. In 2013, the stunning actress placed in the top five in the Miss Botswana competition.


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