Elon Musk’s business is close to completing a ‘robot wife.’ Pictures of Musk dancing and kissing a robot went viral lately. Some industry insiders expect that the famous tycoon will shortly unveil Catanella, his first robotic woman.

Over the weekend, a photo of the famed tech billionaire with a humanoid robot that many mistook for his ‘future wife’ went viral on social media.

Musk has claimed that in the future, robots might be deployed in households to do activities such as food preparation, lawn mowing, and senior care.


They may even serve as a ‘companion’ for their owners. Empire Tesla produced a video with 165K views three months ago displaying Elon Musk’s new AI lover – a humanoid female robot.

Robot Wives will be available in September 2023, with ambitions to reach Africa by November 2023. According to internet material, the Robot Wife will run on batteries that last a menstrual cycle. It will be intended to have a one-month battery life while only being charged for three days.


By J Times

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