The South African economy is collapsing like a stone, and many government ministries are under severe strain as they fail to deliver their required services to the people. Almost everything is inflating out of control, and the poor are unable to make ends meet. The working class is always whining about price increases, as their earnings appear to be insufficient to take them through the month. The novel coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation; prior to the pandemic, South Africa had already been struggling economically, and heavy taxation of the working class and corporations was the last resort; as a result, the government decided to raise the value-added tax from 14 percent to 15 percent.

Fuel prices are one of the essentials that enrage motorists; yet, public transportation customers are the ones who suffer the most as many taxi businesses continue to raise rates. The government raised petrol prices last week, and motorists now pay more than twenty rands per litre. On social media, the South Africans were constantly disintegrating. It is becoming increasingly expensive to possess a car, and things do not appear to be improving. It is also growing increasingly expensive to live in South Africa. What’s more astonishing is that South Africa’s neighbors, Lesotho, Botswana, and Swaziland, to mention a few, have far cheaper fuel costs than South Africa, despite the fact that several of them import petroleum from South Africa.


The South African fuel price is twice more than that of Botswana, The south Africans got very furious after learning the fuel prices between them and Botswana. There are many factors that influence the higher fuel prices in South Africa, one such factor is the road accidents fund levy that is also involved in the fuel prices.


By J Times

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