Snakes are somehow often associated with evil and black magic in most parts of Africa, and a person who owns a snake pet or is even remotely kind to a snake is often seen as a witch, and although sometimes it’s true, more often than not, it isn’t.

Let’s take a look at some of our South African celebrities who have been accused of owning snakes. While a few of them have publicly admitted to the ownership of the snakes, the rest have denied the claims.


The Kwa MaM’khize reality star is one of the most successful media personalities in South Africa.

She is a top achiever in her career with several prestigious awards to show for it, and she is also very wealthy, with an impressive net worth of about R300 million.

In 2020, in one of her reality show’s episodes, MaMkhize showed off a giant black snake that was around 8 meters long. The snake video went public and got South Africans talking, with speculations that MaMkhize was using the snake to gain her wealth being the most popular opinion.

Addressing the rumors, MaMkhize came out to admit that she loved animals, especially snakes, and the snake in the video was her scaly pet.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa is one of the most controversial celebrities in South Africa. She is one liberal woman who loves to embrace and show off her body, enjoy her w**d and show love to the Ben 10s.

In 2019, Zodwa posted a video on YouTube where she was holding and playing with a giant snake, ‘ mamlambo.

Speaking in the video, Zodwa jokingly claimed that she was tired of people saying that she got her wealth from her popularity, while in reality, she actually got it from her snake, mamlambo.

While some of her fans who are scared of snakes hated the whole video, some who got the humor loved it and played along with the dancer’s joke.

Whether the snake in the video is hers or not is not known, but with the way she was comfortable with it around her body, we wouldn’t be shocked if we were to learn that it’s hers.

Gigi Lamayne

27-year-old Gigi Lamayne is another Mzansi celeb who is alleged to have a snake.


Earlier this year, the rapper shared a video on Instagram where she was holding a snake around her neck in what appeared to be a photoshoot for her single ‘F*ck Everybody.’

Whether the snake is her pet or it was just a prop for the video shoot has not been established, although its presence got fans talking and speculating for days.

Sbahle Mpisane

Fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane is another star who has been accused of owning a snake. This was after an old video that she had shared of a snake resurfaced following Jackie Maphotsa’s claims that some celebrities use snakes, muti, and witchcraft to gain fame and money.

After Jackie’s claim, people revisited Mpisane’s old posts and started insinuating that the snake belonged to her or her mother MaMkhize and that it was the backstory behind the family’s success.

Sbahle Mpisane did not let trolls have it as she went on Instagram to post to reveal the actual owner of the snake and to clarify that it didn’t belong to her.

DJ Fresh

We just couldn’t resist the urge to add DJ Fresh to this list. Although he doesn’t actually own a snake, Fresh sure is comfortable around the slithering serpents.

After Jackie Maphotsa snake DJ Fresh amongst other celebrities, came up to mock Maphotsa’s claim.

He posted a picture of himself on Twitter with a snake around his neck and the caption:

“Welcome to #FreshOn947; WE have been expecting you!!!!!”

What do they say about people who own snakes where you come from? Is it a normal pet or witchcraft?


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