Skeem Saam Monday 21 March 2022
Meikie is stunned when John drops a bombshell during his visit. Khwezikazi has a solution for all of Lehasa’s problems but he is conflicted. Eunice scores big in a side hustle.

Tuesday 22 March 2022
Turf Times gets Melita to tell her side of the story – The Phumeza version. Lehasa is resolute about what he intends to do with Café Rovuwa. Eunice’s mountain of debt continues to pile up.

Wednesday 23 March 2022
Melita finds another public platform to set the record straight. A murder delays Lehasa’s trial. Pay day only serves to burden Eunice.


Thursday 24 March 2022
A disgruntled former lover airs her dirty laundry on air but her nemesis shows her flames. Petersen shuts up a smug Lehasa with a search and cease warrant. Eunice is not impressed with a colleague who sticks her nose in her business.

Friday 25 March 2022
Melita continues to be a thorn in John’s side. Lehasa receives a comforting message from an ex. Eunice worries about a new supervisor who comes across as hectic.
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