Allegations suggest that the individual involved in a relationship with the minor is reportedly Ntsikelelo Khamanga, a married pastor affiliated with the Pentecostal Protestant Church. Currently circulating on social media are videos and images of him delivering sermons at his church.

Additionally, there are photographs depicting him in affectionate moments with his wife. Amidst growing outrage, calls for his prompt arrest have emerged, with accusations of “grooming” the young girl through the allure of extravagant gifts. In response, Minenhle has taken down her Instagram and TikTok profiles, while the church has deactivated its Facebook page.


Social media users, particularly those on platforms like Twitter, have a knack for uncovering information, including details about celebrity relationships. Recently, they turned their attention to a more serious issue involving a married pastor allegedly involved with a schoolgirl. The investigation began after the teenage girl, Minenhle, showcased expensive gifts from her partner on social media, including an iPhone 15 Pro Max, suggesting a relationship that began when she was underage. Despite facing criticism, Minenhle defended herself by claiming she was breaking family patterns with her newfound possessions. Despite her efforts to keep the man’s identity hidden, diligent Twitter users worked tirelessly to identify him.


By J Times

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