During a podcast conversation with MacG, rapper Kwesta has clashed with Nota Baloyi. This follows a series of tweets in which Baloyi openly mocked Kwesta and threatened to put his hands in his face.

What seemed to irritate Nota Baloyi was Kwesta’s denial of ever being made him. Baloyi has always claimed to have nurtured Kwesta’s music career to some level.

Kwesta, on the other hand, discloses in the interview that he was never Baloyi’s artist, nor was he signed under him. Baloyi then calls Kwesta a compulsive liar when he admits to never approaching Baloyi. He was contacted, though, since he is skilled at what he does.


“I know why the niggas are here; they’re here because I’m awesome.” It is, after all, the bottom line. You know if it is a huge thing to say. “What are you saying, dawg, that when Ngudu performs, you don’t get any royalties?” Kwesta: Oh, no, no, that is not what I mean. I’m referring about what you make from the shows as well as the pretences under which things are done.

Nota believes he signed me and that I am his artist. “And he made you?” MacG asks. Kwesta: Well, clearly, he created me because he’s been saying that. And why I was also claiming that I had never worked with somebody who I believed had the potential to make me. I didn’t approach anyone who I felt could influence me. “I was contacted because you know I’m fuck*ng great,” Kwesta explained.


By J Times

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