Ever since the arrival of Oby Phakade, Gog’ Zondiwe has been going through the most, firstly, she collapsed when she first saw Oby, and she hasn’t been the same since then.
In the new video, Tracy offers to help Zondiwe find a young and strong man to be by her side.
We see Zondiwe hanging on to a man named Jackys’ every muscle as Nontle watches on in shock.

The Holy House congregation’s visit to the women’s shelter turns disastrous when Ayanda recognizes Dingaan from the group.

Do you remember Dingaan? He used to be a pizza delivery boy and started to stalk Nontle.
Ayanda completely loses it when she spots him. Fikile tries to calm her down, but that doesn’t fly. Ayanda shouts” Get Out” at him in front of other congregants.

Oby has ultimately launched her take over, and everyone is not ready for what she is about to do.
Oby goes to Mbali’s school and tells her lies, saying her Grandmother, Gog’ Flo, has collapsed and has been taken to hospital, then she tells Mo to fake call her uncle to report that Mbali is coming with them.

Lucy wants Mbali out of Holy House

Mo does this without blinking. He must be under Obys’ spell, right? I mean, he is just not going to betray Mbali like that.


In the next shot, we see Lucy raising hell in the Holly House, accompanied by Ayanda.

Lucy came to look for Mbali, and the Holy House agents stopped her. Thembeka tells Lucy that the right of admission 8s reserved and sets Lucy off. Lucy takes off her earrings and tells Thembeka to let Mbali go, or she will burn the whole House down and smoke it.

Nontle has some words with Nkosiyabo; when he asks her about Ayanda’s whereabouts, Nontle rudely says he should know where she is. Ayanda is still at it with Nkosiyabo, and Dali thinks everything is back to normal between him and his new bride.

Lucy has also started searching Mbali’s phone, and they fight.
Dali will also be forced to go against his badge to save someone he loves.


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