Tino Chinyani’s relationships have been making headlines as he is well known for dating famous women. The model has also had rumors spread about him that were never verified about his love life. Many women want a piece of this Zimbabwean-born model, even if it is just for a short time. However, many women are about to break their hearts as Tino Chinyani gets married.

The model-turned musician who has visited his home country these past few weeks went ahead and tied the knot in secret. Videos surfaced over the internet as gossip blogs shared videos and pictures of Tino getting married. The lucky woman is a lady only known as Sadia at the moment from their placards.

Tino Chinyani and Sadia

Many Twitter users had opinions on the matter in the wake of the shared news. Tweeps started commenting about how his baby mama, who seemed so in love with him, opened up about loving him more than her late husband last year. The two who share a child they both love have been co-parenting smoothly as they love their son. Given that the model is someone who once said he could not keep a secret, he had a lot of people fooled.

Tino Chinyani and Sadia get married
Tino Chinyani and Sadia get married-Image Source(Instagram/Zim Celebs)


Against the backdrop of all the rumors and drama on Twitter, Sadia has released a statement on her Instagram. The model says she did not get married but worked with Tino on a project. However, she said she was disappointed because she disagreed with the publicity stunt that Tino did. She tries to protect her relationships and reputation by all means

Tino has had his arm around some of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Faith Nketsi confirmed having a relationship with the model in 2018, only to break up the same year. Ayanda Thabethe and Blue Mbombo were also rumored to have dated the heartthrob. Ayanda never addressed the rumours as she is known to keep her love life under wraps. However, Blue Mbombo addressed the issue and appeared frustrated that pictures of them working together started the rumours.

Tino Chinyani, Simz Ngema and Tiyani

Simz Ngema is last on the list but not the least. The two came out that they were together in 2020 and that came with pregnancy news. The two entertainers served couple goals, and when they welcomed their son, many thought they would get married. However, it came as a shock when the two announced that they had separated for unknown reasons.

Ever since that time, Simz Ngema has not hidden the fact that she is single and posts it on her Instagram. This has had many men come to her DMs and shoot their shots. Tino has also been secretive with his love life. This is why it has come as a shock that he got married.


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