It never rains, but it pours for a vocalist, songwriter, and DJ Lady Du. The Dj has been in the headlines recently when she went public that she was separating from her ex-husband Andile. Her career has been one full of attacks, especially from fans of amapiano. However, she keeps making it in the industry that has given her more pain than joy. Things have turned sour for the musician as Lady Du says her manager is ripping her off.

In an Instagram and Twitter post, Duduzile Ngwenya, popularly known as Lady Du, opened up about her management shortchanging her. In a series of Tweets, the Dj first opened up that she regrets signing her management. Fans inquired if that was why they could not get a hold of her manager to make bookings, to which she replied yes. The DJ’s fans have complained that her management does not respond to their message when they want to book her.

Lady Du's tweet-Image Source(Instagram/Ladydu)

Lady du explained that her manager has been lying that she is not available for bookings in a follow-up tweet. When called by clients, he also claims he does not work on weekends which is the busiest time for an artist. She claims that he even takes money from promoters and does not tell her. Fans are telling the DJ to fire the guy as she writes his cheque. From her responses, it’s much more complicated and complex than people think.

In October Lady du was appreciating the same manager


In September last year, the DJ took to Instagram, showing appreciation for her manager. She said she would have quit the industry had it not been for him. Even her fans applauded the man for his great work, and now five months later, their relationship has turned sour.

Lady Du exposes the music industry and it’s  managers

Lady Du performing-Image Source(Instagram/Ladydu)

In hindsight, lady Du has been Tweeting a lot about challenges that artists face in the music industry. She has opened up about how the industry needs real leaders as young talent are crying for help and not reaching their full potential. She has been warning her fans to be careful who they sign up to if they want to get into the music industry. Lady du has also opened up about building something for herself to take care of her outside music.

Lady Du is famously known for her hit songs Dakiwe, Woza, uZuma Yi star, and many more. She also is good friends with DBN Gogo and the late Mpura. Even though she was attacked for announcing his passing and bullied all over social media, she has not let it dampen her dreams and love for the late star. Her music, however, has started to go international as she was featured on a Reekado Banks track. Many celebrities are advising her to fire her management and realize bigger dreams.


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