Makgotso Lee-Anne Makgopo mostly known by her traditional healer name, Gogo Maweni has recently gained notoriety following tabloid headlines that alleged that she had been involved with The Queen’s former cast member and one of her baby daddies SK Khoza’s recent disturbing behaviors. Gogo Maweni and her publicist Simphiwe Majola have since put a stop to these rumors when they confirmed that she is not involved with how her ex SK was behaving.

The traditional healer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who also has a baby with Mamelodi Sundowns’ soccer player, Siyabonga Zungu has graced local headlines in the past following her personal life and disagreements between her and her baby daddies about child support issues. Gogo Maweni has once obtained a warrant of arrest for her ex and baby daddy Siyabonga Zulu for not paying child maintenance. She has also made tabloid headlines when she got into a fight with one of Khoza’s fiances, Morna Phatudi, after he failed to pay maintenance.

The suspicions around her and the SK case started when the social media influencer tweeted, “I don’t have baby daddy issues. All issues were settled in my ndumba! The outcome was to leave them with nothing…if my kids don’t “eat” no one eats – do the math!”

The Izangoma Zodumo reality tv star has admitted to owning two snakes and a monkey as pets on the show and in public but she claimed to only have this because of her love for animals and not for any wealth or financial gains as Twitter users assumed.

She owns two snakes whose names are Kaddafi and Zara with another proud member of her family of pets being a monkey.


The healer has spoken to TshisaLIVE in a previous interview, where she simply made it clear that she’s just an animal lover at heart. According to her, her love for animals stems from her understanding of their innocence.

“I love animals, most importantly. I always say, people usually get me wrong when I say that I respect animals more than I respect people. It’s because animals will never hurt you (intentionally) but humans will and that’s the truth. Animals will not disrespect you or do anything to hurt you … instead, they are very afraid of humans, more than humans are afraid of them,” she explained.

Tweeps have since started reacting to the images of Gogo Maweni and her snake that resurfaced with many noting the change and growth of the snake. “That snake has grown hey. The first time I saw it she used to wrap it around her hands,” one Twitter user exclaimed.

Another user stirred the pot when they noticed a fedora from Gogo’s ndumba in the image that looked exactly like a fedora SK Khoza had worn on his Instagram page.

Many others, including fellow traditional healers, shared their opinions on Gogo Maweni’s place of traditional practices (ndumba) being dark and not inviting.


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