A breakup has never been easy as there is always that one who it affects badly and it becomes hard for them to accept and move on, especially after making sacrifices and committing yourself fully.

Amo has been left heartbroken by Hlengiwe who broke up with him overnight and as he decided to give her space to think things through, to his surprise Hlengiwe left him for someone else Dr. Nyasha.

In the recent episodes, we have seen Amo stalking Hlengiwe and Dr. Nyasha and pretending to be happy for them and accepting their relationship, but has he?

In the coming episodes, trouble begins when Hlengiwe finds evidence of someone who has been sneaking into her house in her absence and to her surprise it’s Amo.


Hlengiwe will find Amo in her home and he will hold her hostage because if he can’t have her then no one else can.

He tries to tell her that they belong together but Hlengiwe doesn’t want to hear any of it and without thinking twice he ties her up and closes her mouth so as not to make noise more so because Dr. Nyash comes looking for Hlengiwe and there’s no response.

Has Amo taken it too far or his just acting out because Hlengiwe was not fair to him?


By J Times

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