Funani and his wife were waiting for the therapist to begin her session with their son Nkosi upstairs. Their son had been dealing with issues in his life for quite some time.

As a result, he was unable to find peace, sleep, or rest. His parents, particularly his father, were more supportive than her wife. Faith didn’t want to wait any longer, so she went down the stairs where the therapist had to work with Nkosi and help him with various tools.

When Faith arrived with the therapist, she insisted on not hurting his son. Remember that therapists are highly trained professionals who understand how to assist and discuss any issues that may be interfering with our daily lives. The therapist assured her that because she had been trained for so many years and was qualified to be who she is today, she would not harm anyone and would instead assist people in unpacking what had happened and remembering what was holding them back in life.

The session started with the two Nkosi and the therapist. She inquired as to what had occurred on the day of the fire.

Nkosi informed her that he heard a lot of noise when their parents were arguing. Remember, he was still a child at the time, but he witnessed his parents fighting that night.


He walked away from the house, and all of a sudden it was on fire. He did feel the heat that compelled him to get out of bed. Remember her little sister Zobuhle and her presence in that house.

While he was trying to figure out what was going on, he noticed a man enter the house, which was already on fire. That man took the baby and ran out of the burning house with her in his arms.

I’m hoping that the hypnotised therapist will be able to help Nkosi unpack everything that has been bothering him. The dreams, nightmares, and the vision that Funani’s mother presided over, as well as the fact that Onalerona is his child.

Remember, she even called Ona before she died so she could see the insides of her hands. That is when their relationship with Faith became ruined and sour, leading to her strangulation because she had to tell Funani about it.
I’m curious what will happen after Nkosi successfully unpacks and the therapist begins assisting him with a DNA test that will prove they share the same father and blood.


By J Times

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