NOTHING FOR MAHALA : Hlelo & Njeza Kiss

Sbu and Njeza initially weren’t aware that the Magwazas were behind their prison release. And they soon learnt that it’s not because the Magwazas are good Samaritans – they want something in return!

The Magwazas know that Sbu and Njeza are two people who know more about Nkunzi’s dealings than anyone else. So they poached them from Nkunzi’s payroll. Who knows what they have planned for the most feared gangster in KwaMashu.

For any business to succeed, it needs a good marketing brain and Sbu’s girlfriend Hlelo not only proves that she’s got what it takes for their business, she impresses Njeza maybe a little too much!


Hlelo is a very ambitious young woman who sees Loktion Bling Wrap as her way into a life of independence and success. She comes onboard to help the guys with the admin and business side of things because she’s better at that than them.

One day when Hlelo and Njeza are waiting for Sbu, who’s late, they realise that there’s chemistry.It’s undeniable and it leads to a kiss.

Will Sbu catch onto what’s happening right under his nose? First he and Njeza need to focus on what’ll happen with Nkunzi when he finds out who’s funding their business and why they’ve chosen to betray him…


By J Times

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