Pretty and Lehasa were planning to ship Skeem Saam on their backs. There is something that checks out about magnificence and lehasa; their science is jolting, as is all the other things about them. One call, and Pretty jumps.

Prety got a call from her ex, Lehasa, mentioning that they meet in an inn, and she consented to do as such. She showed up, saw him hanging tight for her, and asked what the plan for the gathering was.

It is guaranteed that the legitimate lady might change a wanton man into a man of honor. See how she is charming us to Lehasa. Genuine science exists among Lehasa and delightful, as though they were dating, in actuality. Lehasa and Pretty have a significant friendship for each other.

Lehasa is organizing a wedding with his sweetheart in spite of the way that he really likes Pretty.

As on account of Lehasa and Kwezi, be that as it may, a men have marry some unacceptable accomplices because of conditions like steadfastness, and so on. Ransacking
themselves denying themselves of the delight they merited.

We should perceive that Pretty and Lehasa suddenly split up. They were infatuated when they split up, however just displeasure remained.

Thus, it took one conversation for them to reconnect. Khwezi is additionally mindful of the motivation behind why she seized Pretty. Infrequently, as ladies, we do a lot for a man’s love.


Lehasa went from Johannesburg to Polokwane in light of the fact that he was unable to quit pondering Pretty. What an incredible shock that Clemy persuaded Kwaito to buy Pretty a dress for her date with Lehasa!

Lehasa is here to break the quiet of Pretty. Lehasa is lucky; he doesn’t battle to accomplish his objectives.

She rapidly fails to remember everything that Lehasa expressed or did to her. Despite how terrible Lehasa is, what is happening stays unaltered. At the point when he approaches Pretty with positive expectations. Adherents respect him well.

Because of the way that people in love don’t care about the details, Pretty pardoned Lehasa for some unacceptable he committed against her.

Lehasa is a heartbreaker, and I dread that Pretty might become hopelessly enamored with her once more. Have you failed to remember how terrible Lehasa is and pardoned him for how he treated Pretty a le pregnant before her older folks nogal? You are hopeless sentimental people.

Lehasa is arranging something for Pretty; in this manner, he doesn’t want for Khwezi to visit.


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