Mzansi Is now convinced that Nkosi is going to fall in love with Mampho. After what happened, his going to connect to her using the name of baby.

Shoki is blaming herself for Mampho’s fall because she said some things but she didn’t push her.

The mistakes she made was to talk and talk and not listen to her when sje was starting to be suffocated to what she was saying.

Nkosi doesn’t deserve Shoki. She loves him and he did this t them. Imagine competing with a girl that looks like Shoki, you have no chance.

Mampho threw herself down the stairs knowing that’s the only way she’ll win.

Nkosi is going to start falling for MaMpho. What happened to Ona is now going to happen to Shoki. Mampho is going to tell the Zwide the truth about the night that she fall.


Shoki should have told Nkosi but we understand that she was scared that Nkosi might leave her to Mampho.

Shoki is going to be blamed for this even though Mampho brought it all on herself. After Faith find out, she’s going to through Shoki out of the Zwide just like she did with Ona. Obviously she going to want to punish her for what she did to Mampho.

Fans and now sick of the Zwides treating people like animals. Followers want Shoki and Ona to release themselves from that toxic family.

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