Jo-Anne Reyneke dropped the news on her Instagram page, leaving her fans shocked as she announced she is exiting The Estate. Jo-Anne plays the role of Lwandle Phakathwayo Mthethwa on the show. Solomuzi Phakathwayo’s wife, played by ex Isibaya actor Sdumo Mtshali.

Lwandle goes through the most on this series; in recent episodes, her husband Muzi has been drugging her because she knows deep and dark secrets about him and has to testify in court about what she knows.

Muzi Phakathwayo is a very dark and twisted businessman who will do anything to get what he wants.

The Estate premiered in April of 2021 to mixed reviews. It is based on the gated community of Echelon Estate and the land claim that the nearby community of Thembalethu is threatening. This sets off a series of secrets and lies that lead to some people mysteriously dying, and most of them die around Muzi, who is Lwandkes’s husband.

Jo-Anne is one of the original cast members of the soapie. The drama around the Soapie came in 2021 when it was revealed that the cast hadn’t been paid for over three months. This started rumors that there might be trouble in paradise with The Estate.

The Soapie had also been airing on SABC3 and the repeat on SABC1 every weekday at 19h30. It was announced that the repeat on SABC1 would be terminated, which further sparked trouble in paradise speculations.


Jo-Anne wrote, ” Goodbye, Lwandke Ohakathwayo Mthethwa! It has been a journey to share my body with you. You’ve frustrated me, and I’ve learned a lot from you!”

Jo-Anne is holding a frame-written wrap party on her picture. Something is going on.
This is causing our curiosity to go off the rails.

The sudden and unexpected exit of Joanne Reyneke will fuel these rumors some more. Lwandle is one of the main characters in the Soapie.

Jo-Anne’s announcement has left her followers with many questions and confusion.

Lwandle has become one of the most loved characters in the drama because she represents many women in a loveless marriage with wealthy men.

The Soapie is on its second season at the moment. The best thing for us to do now is wait to see the new developments.


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