There’s a fire in the Hospital, well at least not the literal fire.

Every corner of the Durban General Hospital is burning. Dr. Dhlomo and Sne are going through a slight rough patch in their relationship while Phumeza faces the music of her actions.

Fan’s favorite couple, Mbali and Lindelani are not spared from the problems happening in the hospital as their relationship is affected as well.

Lindelani appears to be more controlling and wants everyone to bow down to what he wants.

Mbali goes to Dhlomo with concerns about a patient, this does not sit well with Lindelani who is her superior and doubles as her man too.

Their arguments get to the worst point and this might lead to the end of their relationship.


Wednesday16February 2022 Episode 358

Will Mbali assert herself against Lindelani? Will the baby switch parents find justice and is thist he most manipulative Sne has ever been?

Thursday 17 February 2022 Episode 359

Lindelani reprimands Mbali for going to Dhlomo behind his back. The Mthembus testify to their devastation. Dhlomo puts Zondo in her place.

Friday18 February 2022 Episode 360

Will Mbali and Lindelani constant bickering end or will it be the end of them? Sne snaps while Phumeza gets a slap on the wrist for her crimes.


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