Former Scandal! actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu revealed they were expecting their first child but miscarried at eight weeks.

The couple first showed a hidden cam Stephanie had installed to record her husband’s reaction to the news on their YouTube channel The Ndlovus Uncut, and they were both overjoyed.

The actress said that she had already begun recording her first scan at the doctor for her husband, who was unable to be with her when she received the devastating news. She went on to mention that she was diagnosed with a blighted ovum.


“She literally did the scan and then she said ‘I’m sorry there’s no embryo’. She said I should take a moment. I did not. I jumped off the bed. I did not cry, nothing. I said ‘Nope I’m good. What do we do now’? That’s sort of my coping mechanisms and strategies in life.”

Stephanie said the next step would be that she would have surgery to clean out her uterus, but “because there is Covid-19 and those risks involved, the gynaecologist recommended that I do the cleaning out at home using medication”.

The actress said her husband was traumatized by what he witnessed two years ago. “Personally I don’t think the gynae did a substantial job in explaining the experience you would have with this medication because I think one would’ve opted for the surgery regardless of Covid-19,” said Hungani.


By J Times

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