Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa and Black Coffee made all sorts of headlines back then in 2019 when they confirmed their divorce. However, since then, the two have seen themselves trending for the wrong reasons as they tend to take swipes at each other.

From exorbitant maintenance fees to abuse allegations, their divorce has fast become a typical reality show that Mzansi can’t get enough of. With their case being before the courts, it seems as if Enhle Mbali has moved on already.

Rumour mill has it that she is now dating Gauteng business mogul Peter Sebiloane. Sources have it that he has been single since his controversial divorce from his wife in 2015. No doubt the bubbly actress knows well how to drink from the lips of millionaires. However, in the mix of things, Mzansi has managed to connect the dots about Sebiloane, who gives Mbali that glow.

The two might have managed to keep it under wraps for months but couldn’t anymore. Their affair came to light when they were spotted canoodling with each other. However, this happened when the couple attended a wedding of Peter Sebiloane’s party in Soweto over the weekend.


A close friend has it that the affair started last year after the two bumped into each other. Since then, they have seen each other more often, and Mbali spends much of her time at Sebiloane’s mansion in Joburg North.

The two have been spotted together at malls and have had several dates. To make matters worse one of Enhle Mbali’s also confirmed the affair.

She has it that she introduced him to close friends and family three weeks ago whilst at a party held at her mother’s house. However, she also revealed that she even attended Sebiloane’s birthday party in Sandton last month.

In the mix of things, Mbali and Sebiloane are yet to confirm the affair publicly. A few months ago Mbali swept the daring rumors that she was hoping to fix their marriage with Black Coffee under the carpet. On the other hand, Black Coffee has seen himself being implicated in a relationship with Sarah Langa.


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