He was primarily known as Chief Azwindini in the South African soapie Muvhango. Gabriel is also an event emcee and a fitness fanatic. He took himself on a birthday vacation to the lavish Dubai and judging by the pictures, his trip was to die for. He expressed that it’s been two years since he’s traveled abroad. He decided to spoil himself with this trip this year, as he grinds hard and pretty much deserves it.

Azwindini’s Dubai views and spoils

Azwindini’s birthday is on the 10th of February. He shared a photo of himself admiring a breathing view. He was inside a pool and looking at the beach. With the architecture in Dubai, it’s like a 24/7 free photo booth. With immaculate buildings built on water balancing architecture and nature, he truly enjoyed it. He also captioned his birthday pictures with the words, “Nothing beats waking up to an amazing view like this on your birthday.” He also had a luxurious birthday spoil of the trending, floating water basket with a delicious breakfast inside.

Gabriel Temudzani in Dubai
Gabriel Temudzani in Dubai. Photo Credit: instagram.com/gabrieltemudzani/

Sightings and water play

No, he did not end up only on the building and beachside of Dubai. Gabriel also went to the desert. What’s a trip to Dubai without a desert trip? The luxurious side is enjoyable, and desert trips can also be fun. He went on a tourist quad bike trip and enjoyed the dunes. After the desert sightings, he went for more splashings and played at sea.


Azwindini from Muvhango

Rooftop exercising and special outfits

Gabriel is a self-proclaimed gym fanatic. Most people forget the importance of exercise when they go on vacation. Gabriel did not make that mistake, and he exercised on one of the hotel rooftops under the sun. He displayed some discipline and dedication on that part. When he was on the desert sighting experience, he wore the signature Emirates white male attire. On one of the days, he showed his followers he’s stylish by wearing a Balmain Paris sweater and a pair of smart jeans.


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