Everyone was captivated to their TVs as the narrative of Hlelo and the young lads of KwaMashu unfolded. Sbu discovered that Hlelo was receiving presents from another man, and she had recently gotten lingerie from Sipho. Sbu assumed it was from Calvin and confronted and assaulted him.

Hlelo was eventually jailed after being accused of sexually assaulting seven young boys in her neighbourhood. Hlelo is now imprisoned. She was first obstinate, stating she had done nothing wrong, but a visit from Gabisile touched home for her.

According to Uzalo teasers, Hlelo will discover she is pregnant while in prison in December. The million-dollar question now is, “Who is the father?”


Hlelo will be perplexed as to who is the father of her unborn kid; is it Sbu, her lover with whom she stayed, or one of the young lads she abused?

No one wants to talk to Hlelo about her pregnancy, so she pours her heart out to her unborn child.

Because none of the males in her life will accept responsibility, a lot will change. Sipho, who has a soft spot for Hlelo, will give her the benefit of the doubt until the kid is delivered, but


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