Several others thought the edges were too much, especially because she also had a septum piercing. DJ
Zinhle is well-known for her excellent beauty, elegance, financial acumen, and amazing mothering abilities. The well-known DJ jockey has amassed millions of admirers over the years and is still developing as an artist.

She is continually improving herself as a musician, mother, and influencer. Yet, she does occasionally miss, and social media users are eager to bring this out. The singer has recently been trolled for one reason or another.

This week it was her edges. Following current trends, the musician rocked “baby hairs” on her forehead which according to some trolls were a little too big.SA HAS MANY JOKES
In the comment section, X users shared many jokes about her edges. Some hilariously said that they could no longer be referred to as baby hairs because of the size.


“A whole teenager on the forehead….it’s definitely not baby hai.” one person said while another wrote:

“These edges makes people look like anti-Christs with 666 on their foreheads maan”

She is often praised for her attractiveness and young appearance, not to mention her talent. She has, however, had a few misses, and South Africans never miss an opportunity to mock her for it. The reality actress was recently mocked for her edges — or baby hair, as it is frequently known to.


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