It appears that the interns at House of Zwide have become accustomed to their surroundings and no longer recognize their own limits.

Mampho is well aware that Ona is a tough competitor at House of Zwide. She is determined to win at all costs. We knew Mampho wanted to date Nkosi, but we had no idea she was planning on using him.


Mampho slept with Nkosi and blackmailed him when she realized she was likely to lose the competition. Nkosi succumbed to the extortion and declared Mampho the winner, unaware that Laz would find out.

Laz walked in on Mampho as she was attempting to thank Nkosi. To win the tournament, Mampho slept with Nkosi, Laz knows. What is Mampho’s fate? Is she about to be fired?

Since the truth has finally been revealed, we can predict that Ona will win the challenge. Is Mampho’s dream now over? Will she be crushed by the world?


By J Times

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