On social media, a video of strange items falling from the sky has gone viral, shocking many people. It appeared like fireballs and lit up the sky in various parts of the earth. Take a look at some of the photos that folks took.

Apparently, a large number of individuals have been observing such events for some years. They’ve been posting photographs like these on their social media sites. Scientists have explained meteors, but it appears that they have no idea where they originate from.

Popular South African Prophet Rah also spoke about these things that will fall from the sky in his predictions. He says that December will be a very difficult month. Not only that he says that worse things are yet to come. He predicted that there will be dangerous floods that will affect Joburg.


Many South Africans were stunned by the events, and some even feel that the world is ending. For hundreds of years, when people see strange events, the first thought that springs to mind is that the world is ending. I’m not sure why people think this way. However, the world will not end any time soon. There are scientific answers for everything that is happening, and there is nothing to be concerned about. People must refrain from instilling terror in others through conspiracy ideas.


By J Times

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