Tshimollo Comfort Masemola, 24 years old, was born in Ga Masemola, Limpopo province, but grew up in Mamelodi.
Xigubu SA the explosive vocalist” began her music career in 2014 when she collaborated with the renowned “Kalawa Jazzmee” record label and recorded her debut song with Dj Bucks.


Xigubu broke her silence on social media when she revealed that in order to rise to the top of the music business, she had slept with some of the industry’s most powerful Gurus. According to Xigubu, who spoke with Updates with LolahM, she chose to come out in order to inform and warn young budding female musicians and vocalists about predators who offer them a significant slice of the pie in various sectors provided they sleep with them.
She also believed them since they were large! She regrets sleeping with men for fame and success, but she also feels exploited.

To female artists, please be careful and never sell yourself cheap to get to the top she said.


By J Times

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