A South African woman was seen writing President Cyril Ramaphosa’s name on the RIP sign that was placed on the peg. This comes after it was revealed that President Cyril Ramaphosa has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is getting treatment in seclusion. The lady is almost certainly a member of the Black First, Land First political party (BLF).

When it was stated in the media that around one million graves had been excavated, they arranged something similar. People, on the other hand, are clamoring for this woman to be imprisoned right now for insulting a democratically elected president. They proclaimed that, while many people may disagree politically, this should not be used as a yardstick or an excuse to wish someone dead or chant deadly prayers for them. They also suggested that Africans do not celebrate the death of anyone, including opponents. This is why everyone is attacking the lady on Twitter. Only a few people seem to be defending her. It is expected because everyone cannot be on the same line or on the same page.


However, a supporter of the lady said that she had done nothing wrong. He reasoned that since the graves had been excavated, bodies had to be buried there as well, claiming that those who died were also loved ones of the individuals who perished. “Remember, he was excavating these graveyards for us. Now he had to go down there and follow his de klerk,” he explained. When he did this to us, did you ask them what was wrong with him?” Some, on the other hand, are criticizing President Cyril Ramaphosa for endorsing a vaccination that is unlikely to protect him. They said that after taking all of the immunizations and booster shots, President Cyril Ramaphosa still contracted the illness. Someone said that either Ramaphosa did not get the vaccine or that he is duping South Africans into getting a non-working vaccine. Despite having contracted Covid-19 after being properly vaccinated, president Cyril Ramaphosa still went on Twitter this evening to promote the vaccine, saying that it would have been worse if he was not vaccinated. 


By J Times

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