Emanuella Samuel (born July 22, 2010), better known by her stage as Emmanuella, is a YouTube child comedian who appears on Mark Angel’s channel. “Who Mess?” was Emmanuella’s first appearance in episode 34.

At the age of five, Emmanuella began her career in stand-up comedy. She was on vacation with her family when she ran into Angel. He needed children for a comedy shoot and tried out a few of the kids he knew, but they couldn’t remember their lines, so he resorted to Emmanuella.

In spite of the eighteen-hour video shoot, Emmanuella performed admirably. This was the director’s way of testing children’s stamina. Following her selection, Angel had to convince her parents to allow her to join the Mark Angel Comedy team, which she did successfully.


Has Emmanuel any memories of her? That she’s matured into a respectable young lady is undeniable.

Emmanuella, whose real name is Emmanuel Samuel, has found it impossible to remain out of the spotlight in the entertainment world since her appearance in the “Real Face” video and the ensuing media attention that followed.

Emmanuella and her uncle Mark Angel, two current-day celebrities, are well-known in the world of show business. Social media has been flooded with photos of a woman who appears to be Emmanuella’s younger sister in the previous few weeks. Recently, the character of Emmanuella in Mark Angel’s popular comedy series has drawn much notice for her new haircut.

What are your thoughts on her current look? Has she gotten any sexier over the years? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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