Muvhango actor Maumela Mahuwa who plays the character of Susan shared her views on how to handle a nasty divorce. The actor spoke to address what her character is going through at the moment on Muvhango.

Susan is going through a complicated divorce process with her husband, Azwindini. Things are so hectic that the two are now ruining each other’s lives as Azwindini has gone and got Susan fired from work and hired people to attack her as a scare tactic to get her out of the Royal House.

Muvhango fans have always called out the show for giving Susan a raw deal with this marriage, and now Susan has finally decided to fight.

Maumela advised that the first thing women should know before getting into any marriage arrangement is themselves. She said that no one could be someone’s life and forget their individuality.

Maumela went into detail about how women need to remember that they have the power to think for themselves. She emphasized getting legal advice and that women need to know their rights in this process.

Maumela acknowledged that Susan’s problems started when she insisted on staying in a bad marriage with a man who didn’t respect her.


In the Soapie, Azwindini has put Susan through several infidelities. He is a polygamist and introduces women anytime in their relationship, without consulting Susan.

Azwindini is doing the same with Gugu; he cheated for months and lied to Susan. Still, this relationship has a twist as Gugu was also involved with Vhutshilo, Azwindini and Susan’s son.

Susan had left Azwindini for cheating but had to come back when he was hit by a stroke while in bed with one of his conquests. Maumela says that Susan is at fault for her problems.

“Susan is the reason she is going through this, but she has realized that Azwindini did not respect her from the beginning,” Maumela said.

She mentions that it’s an African thing to do for women always to put other people’s needs first, and Susan is no different and that it is not a good thing to do.

Maumela, a Pastor in real life, understands that self-love is essential; she said women wouldn’t die for putting themselves first. You see, now ladies be selfish sometimes


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