The launch of Bhebhe distillery takes place this week, and people look handsome and beautiful dress to the nines for the event. As we all know, this event has been in the works for a long time now, and everything looks ready.

The distillery has been through a lot even before it started to work. Sibonelo extended an invitation to Sambulo, who turned it down and promised that the launch wouldn’t be successful. Sambulo is determined to get justice for Nomzamo, and he does everything he can to make sure he does that.

Sambulo is determined to see Sibonelo go to jail for Nomzamo’s death. He finally goes to the police to report where Nomzamo’s body is. The body will finally get a proper burial after all that has happened. Sambulo walks into the Bhebhe launch and tells Sibonelo that the body has been found right in front of all the guests, including Nkunzi and Gabisile. Sibonelo then walks towards Sambulo holding a knife, and he could stab him right there.

Njeza is making serious progress and could be closer to going home. He got his forgiveness from Nosipho. Patric then asks the guys what they expect outside.


Sibonelo is praised for his hard work at the distillery. If the Nomzamo debacle weren’t in the picture, this would have been a perfect launch, but now it has been tainted by death.

Njeza is on a mission to find out who hired his attackers from inside. On Friday, we saw one of the attackers talking to someone on the phone. This person ordered the attacker to continue beating Njeza up.

Babekazi and Mbatha launch the second phase to steal from Nkunzi; maybe the “Nyamalala Bembhekile” will work for them this time.

Babekazi has managed to run from the police and even the insurance investigator; maybe she already is using “Nyamala Bembhekile”. It will end in tears at the rate this is going when Nkunzi finally catches them


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