Lindiwe and Hlamulo are said to be a charming couple. Everything occurred so quickly, and now they’re married. We’ve been wondering how long this marriage would endure, given that it’s based on deception and falsehoods.

This couple, like any other, will face difficulties and tests. We’ll find out how strong their love is at this point. Money has been an issue thus far since Nhlamulo does not work and Lindiwe must support him. How much longer can Lindiwe sustain Nhlamulo and his children?


Lindiwe’s marriage is now unsatisfactory, but it isn’t a good enough cause to cheat on her spouse. We suppose she wants to feel at ease and have someone to chat to, but she could meet the incorrect man who will pay attention to her.

Lindiwe and Nhlamulo will battle over a new guy who may stand in their way. Lindiwe will find a new partner to pleasure herself, but it will almost certainly end in tears.


By J Times

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