It hasn’t been an easy road for Susan, which ended resulted in a massive and dangerous route she would never turn to in normal circumstances.

Susan found herself using herbs in order to bring her husband, Azwindini Mukwevho back to her, after he embarrassed her all over again by bringing another woman into the house.

He intended to divorce her until Susan had to turn to her sister, Thifelimbilo for help. As quick as the “get your lovey back” worked on Azwindini, his wife requested for her own mansion as she was tired and her command was adhered to but will the house be built?

As we all know her role has always been that of a strong woman who goes through a lot. When her secret comes to light, she finds herself kicked out of the Royal house and the influence even got her in trouble at her workplace.

The poor Susan finds herself to square one, while Gugu and Azwindini celebrate their engagement. Quiet shocking especially how people can turn against you at the speed of light. But will Azwindini and Gugu’s relationship last? she is not strong compared to Susan.


James and Imani find themselves in jail after Tenda found the whereabouts of his long-lost son. Mpho feels betrayed by someone she thought was a good person and a friend.

Rendani on the other hand continues to live a false life to impress her high school buddies. Only to find out that Lunga and Tumi are not as glorious as they appear on Facebook.

Rendani went the extra mile by using Mohau as an actor who portrays her husband, but it seems like Mohau loved his role way too much to an extent that he began catching feelings.

Will the whole Motsamai family end up in jail? Betrayal is the lion that leads in Muvhango. Switch to SABC 2 exactly at 9h00 to see for yourself.


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