This week, Skeem Saam fans flocked to social media to voice their thoughts on Kwaito and Lizzy’s tumultuous relationship, which ended two years ago. Viewers were unsurprised when Lizzy rejected Kwaito in the episode that aired on Wednesday, August 9th, after he cheated on her with Glenda (Nozi Langa).

In tonight’s episode, Lizzy crushed his heart by saying she isn’t seeking for a partner right now and added “especially not him” when he enquired about her relationship status. While some admirers hope that the couple’s broken relationship might be repaired, others say that Lizzy is too wonderful for Kwaito and that if she gives him another opportunity, he would break her heart again.

According to the TVSA Skeem Saam August teasers, Kwaito Seakamela (Clement Maosa) and Lizzy Thobakgale (Amanda Manku) may rekindle their love.Monday, August 14th: “Kwaito bares his heart to Lizzy, shocking her.”


According to the TVSA Skeem Saam August teasers, Kwaito’s mother, Mantuli, and Lizzy’s mother, Jacobeth (Elizabeth Serunye), will oppose their romance. Mantuli (Dieketseng Mnisi) would perceive his connection with Lizzy as a danger because her son is building a house for her and he plans to spend money on his girlfriend.

The teasers also show that Lizzy’s mother, Jacobeth, has never approved of Kwaito and believes she is capable of doing better. Kwaito and Lizzy’s romance ended in 2021 when he dated both her and Glenda at the same time in the SABC1 soapie Skeem Saam. He was similarly undecided when the women in his life begged him to pick between them. This will all change in August, according to teasers, when he will be protective of Lizzy, protecting her and selecting her when friends and family try to ruin their relationship.


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