She does have a rags-to-riches narrative to tell: Ntombifuthi ‘Mam Madlala’ Dlamini, an Uzalo actress, worked as a cleaner before becoming renowned.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini is a well-known South African actress who is most recognised for her role as Gladys Mam Madlala in South Africa’s most popular drama series Uzalo.

Mam Madlala, her on-screen character, has surely impressed many. She portrayed a Christian widow with a penchant for courting young men, sometimes known as Ben 10s. Her on-screen relationships and sense of style have frequently seen her at the top of fashion trends over the seasons.

She is well known for wearing three-piece suits, blonde elaborate weaves, and gorgeous hats with her friend MaDongwe, and the two have won admirers for the drama series. Her on-screen romances have caused her to make headlines throughout the years, and she has frequently addressed the wild rumours.


However, the actress maintained that she was not interested in young guys and was just concerned with perfecting her on-screen presence. She has, on the other hand, regularly spoken openly about her rags-to-riches path, which has inspired many.

She was a cleaning lady striving to make ends meet when she got her big break. According to rumours, she was a hospital caretaker before landing her job on Uzalo.

Ntombifuthi’ Mam Madlala’ Dlamini worked as a caretaker at a local hospital in Durban, according to reports. However, she got her big break in 2014 when she auditioned for the part of an extra on Uzalo.

Despite the fact that extras were paid the least, she gave it her all, and the rest is history. Because of her unrivalled acting skills, Stained Glass Productions reportedly gave her a major part in season 7.
Despite beginning as a hospital caretaker, she is now one of the most recognised performers.


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