As she returned to social media after a vacation, reality TV personality and businesswoman Ayanda Ncwane described watching her life flash before her eyes when she had a near-death experience. Ncwane’s comeback to social media coincided with the establishment of her YouTube account. In the first video on the channel and on Instagram, she described her near-death experience.

Prior to this, the former Real Housewives of Durban cast member was last seen on social media in April, when she published photos from her trips to Doha, Qatar, and Paris.

“After a short journey, I found myself in hospital on April 19, 2023. I ended up in the hospital, and at 2:00 a.m., I had an experience with the spirit realm “She remembered.

‘A very large being, huge, like a giant, a giant being came over towards my bed, pressed me and then after that whispered in my ear, ‘I came to collect your soul. You are dying today.’

Ncwane stated that she could not describe how she felt during the experience, adding, “You can’t articulate that emotion unless you go through it.” “According to research, it’s a near-death experience.” According to the widow of gospel artist Sfiso Ncwane, when she saw herself standing next to herself, she thought, “this is it,” and her life began to flash before her eyes.

“It was as though images were spinning in front of my eyes, and I saw them. The first image was of my eldest kid, and suddenly it was gone “Ncwane reminisced about her experience.


‘I saw my life, literally everything [within] seconds and then the spirit kept on saying, ‘now you can see that we are here to fetch you. You are dying today’.

She stated that she attempted to fight spirit because she did not want to succumb. Ncwane said she heard a voice next to her body beckoning her back as the ghost was going to lead her out of her hospital room, and she “jerked back to life.”

“I was terrified,” she said. “Everyone around me know I’m a courageous girl, but facing death made me feel so vulnerable. It devastated me; that’s when I realised there’s a dimension of God I’d never known existed – the one that brought me back from the dead.”

Ncwane claimed she had remained in her bedroom “searching the face of God” since the near-death incident.


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