Sello “Chicco” Twala, the son of famed singer and film producer Sello “Chicco” Twala, left home in Fourways right before Christmas last year.

According to a source, Longwe no longer wants to live with his father since the mythology is too powerful. “He claimed he’d gone to rehab more than a dozen times and discovered that it’s not like his father’s house, which is like a jail.”

According to another version, his father attempted all in his power.


It was also alleged that the famed singer had given up on his son, whose drug addiction had worsened. “He’s not ashamed to talk about it; he’s done everything he can to help Longwe, but he can’t compete with his addiction,” the insider says.

Longwe currently lives in Glenvista, south of Johannesburg, with his mother, Thrmbi Twala. Chicco and Thembi divorced in the meanwhile. Chicco and Thembi have another son, Twala Twala, who works as a film producer with Chicco.


By J Times

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