The fact that the two have broken up twice is interesting. Makhadzi, amid the confusion, has refuted the assertions that they have broken up their relationship.

She claims that it was a typing error and that Master KG still loves her. What, though, results from the online conflicts between Master KG and the Botswanan musician Mampeezy?

The exuberant Mampeezy was cautioned by Master KG to guard his lane and keep away from Makhadzi. Mampezy recently declared that while he could degrade Master KG, he still has a lot of respect for him.

Makhadzi and Master KG’s falling out explained. They have undoubtedly been in the news a lot lately due to their contentious relationship.

Their second phase of their relationship appears to be gone. Master KG has admitted on social media that Makhadzi is no longer the love of his life. He believes that although the two are no longer together, they will still collaborate.

Master KG made headlines a few months back when it was claimed that he was dating someone else even though he was having an affair with Makhadzi.


As a result of her unintentional appearance during her Instagram live video, a number of photographs of a mystery woman in Master KG quickly spread over social media.

She disproved the accusations while also announcing her love for Makhadzi with a brand-new Mercedes Benz on her birthday. When KG reserved the entire resort for him and Makhadz, the two even served a few goals.

This was before the Mampeezy fiasco, after all. According to reports, the two fell out after Master KG failed to attend Makhadzi’s event while Mampeezy was providing all the support she need.

Could Makhadzi cause property damage? According to reports, the long-term marriage of the Mampeezys was finally destroyed by the suspected affair between Makhadzi and Vee.

According to rumors, there was already unrest in paradise, but it got worse when Makhadzi entered the picture.

According to sources, Mampeezy’s wife was unable to handle the humiliation her husband caused by openly taking a shower and declaring his love for Makhadzi.


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