Finally the chickens have come to roast for the almighty Faith Zwide who has been getting away with alnost everything.

This week House Of Zwide fans will watch the soapie whilst at the edge of their seats as the much anticipated reveal of the results unfolds.

Funani will finally confront Isaac about Ona (Zobuhle’s) birth and history. All the truth will be revealed and the two will engage in a fight which will result in Funani firing a gun.


Good news, Isaac won’t be hurt. But Isaac and Funani will make a deal after he confesses everything to him.

While Isaac is in custody, he will make a deal to trap Faith who will come visit him and unknowingly confess all her sins while Funani and detective Benjamin record the conversation and this is what will lead to her arrest.

Catch House of Zwide every weekday at 19.00 on etv.


By J Times

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