Faith Nketsi was very hush-hush about her wedding, but the cat is out of the bag; images and videos from her wedding have surfaced on the internet, and they look fantastic. Faith had a modern traditional wedding, and she looked ravishing in her glamorous SeSotho attire. Close friends and family shared the big day with her and her husband.

Initially, her wedding was just a rumor. She has been with her now-husband for four years. Yesterday she posted a cryptic video saying her man finally came. Her best friend Kim Kholiwe shared some of Faith’s wedding content, and we’re here for it.

Faith is one person who prioritizes laying those edges to perfection. She posted a video of herself getting a face beat by one of her favorite make-up artists. Her wedding is traditional, but Faith is Faith, so there had to be some glam.

Faith Nketsi wedding dress

Instead of wearing a standard head wrap, she wore one with crystal bead detailing. However, her white and gold wedding dress was a mixture of traditional and modern wear. At some point during the wedding, she wore the dress with a traditional Sotho blanket.


White was the venue’s color, but contrasts of pink, purple and blue lights shined on the walls. A photo backdrop is an obvious necessity, as well as balloon arrangements. What is a wedding day without flowers and a lot of tulle fabric? All of those decorations adorned the place.

Faith Nketsi


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